Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wow 3 post in one day...

it's hard to get the camera and the laptop
in the same location for some reason...
so i wanted to post these pics while the postin was good....

 flannel pj's and yes you caught me...
that's Detective Mike Logan ...
when i'm sick i always watch LnO reruns
.....or old movies or BBC classics

 my little forest all ready to be priced and taken to Kindred Spirits

these are for the ooooooother christmas project...
but that's all your gonna see of those til it's all finished.

i will tell you it took me a lot longer than i thought
 to cut the foam board letters out w my exacto knife
...so it better come out awesome

note to self...

...fake snow in anything glass
w/ anything nestled into it
helps to make the season bright

sick bed

so i am sick in bed...sort of
by "sort of" i mean whenever a burst of energy hits i head downstairs....

change over the laundry...unload the dishwasher...clear off the dining room table from where my sweetman has been "helpin" out by unloading decoration boxes and "starting" the tree...rearranging the kitchen and cooking for myself

...that's sorta thing

i also decided to work on a coupla christmas projects that i have been itchin to do...

maybe i'll get some "help"

my view from my bed
...the art room
keeps calling to me
"please come back and finish what you started"

...not today sweet room

the "bursts" don't last long but
i'll keep you posted on the "project"

Monday, December 12, 2011

2 movies....

i love lookin into peoples lives and this doc is a good way to do that

i heard this was really sad
 so i had a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach
....the whole time

turns out (tho is had some sad animal moments) it was not really sad and i thought well done
now i want to read the book

Sunday, December 11, 2011


sick today...since friday morning
did dinner &the havoc hockey game with the girls and david friday night tho...
and i am so glad i did

but really just want to be well....tho the "rest" has been a blessing

found this singer today...tripped over her accidentally
...love it when that happens

Saturday, December 10, 2011

this is gonna be harder than i thought

no facebook...
not just temporarily disconnected but "permanently" deleted
i knew it was gonna be tough but i guess i never considered how weird it was gonna be
i feel so disconnected...
like very important stuff is happening that i know nothing about...
out of the loop as "they" say

i have several friends who have never ever even had a facebook...
they seem to be sailing thru life fine
actually they are the ones who seem to have so much more time and peace
they are the ones that gave me the idea it was "do"able just by the lives they are leading
complete...whole...fulfilling lives...right?
then why do i have the nervous skittish feeling
i mean it's not like i was addicted to crystal meth...right?
so why do i have the shakes and dry mouth

...i may even throw up later

Friday, December 9, 2011

i'm back

ok ok i know that's what eeeevryone says...
actually think i myself have said it
on HERE actually
BUT i REALLY am back
for reals

i have recently...just today permanently deleted my facebook
actually it takes 14 days for them to "let" me delete permanently let me loose
but i am jumping ship...

for those of you who don't know me i am an escape artist...

life becomes too hectic and hard and relationships get messy i look on the back of the imaginary "hotel door"
and look for the fastest escape route...

i prefer those in this box...facebook...pinterest...netflix
what happens is i trade trash for treasure

i trade my time w God...projects...creative writing...reading...home making...and the list goes on
to look at pictures in the albums of friends of friends or friends....and the list goes on

so God is helping me cut off some escape routes...facebook was the first "road cosed" sign to go up

sooooo good bad or ugly...i'm back

Sunday, July 17, 2011

daddy where are you...

well we have finally come to the dreaded "time"...tomorrow will begin the search for a full care facility for daddy...he is so bad most nights that mama has not been able to rest...yesterday morning she called at about 4:30 am...after hours of agitation he left the house and would not come back in...we went right over...by that time he was back in the house but not really "himself"...he finally went to sleep around 7am and mama was resting so we came home...they had a pretty quiet day yesterday...

we went and picked them up for supper and they spent the night @ our house...he did very well all evening w/ no "episodes"...after we got home from dinner we watched one of their Gaither Homecoming dvds... daddy remembers all the words to the old hymns...he would throw his head back and raise his hands and close his eyes and siiiiiiiiing. it was so precious...

we rigged up bells on the outside of the bedroom they were sleeping in and as far as i know he did not get up and slept thru the night...i had made arrangements to meet w/ an in home care service company next week but i think we are beyond that now...last night was good but my mama has felt like he has been a danger to himself (and her tho she is slower to admit this) lately...

such a strange road tp be on...but daddys not daddy anymore....theres a glimps now and then but he's not there really any more...it's scary to leave him in someone elses care...just reating in the fact that he is in the care of my Lord...trying to muster strength...courage...comfort...wisdom.... my mother will be living alone for the first time in over 50 years...in some ways she's lonelier now than she's been...but i dread the rough seas ahead...

that this man...david joseph quinn...whom i have been blessed with as a soul mate...is soooooo amazing...he has takin on a "sons" responsibilities w/ my folks...i mean i'm tough to manage by myself...let alone these other people...
gotta put on my mountain climbing boots...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

whatcha reading?

i'm reading...

the rewards of fasting by mike bickle

the keepers of the house by shirley ann grau

made to crave by terkeurst


empty nesting building

tis a wierd thing to have to rebuild a nest after 22 years

a picture is worth a thousand words...

things i adore:
davids hands....*sigh
usa today crossword puzzle
fidos coffee house cafe in nashville
whiling away the morning at a sunny table in said cafe
iced latte

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

who's with me...

i adore the blog beauty that moves
it's good for the soul

last season heather (from btm) offered an online 30 day vegan experience
i missed the sign up deadline
a coupla other loved blogs were doing it and blogging about it
 i was eaten up with jealousy
i wasn't gonna miss a second chance
so...i jumped at the chance to sign u for the summer session
i did it...paid and everything
it would be fun to compare notes
so do it with me

oh and btw i am so sorry i have been MIA
i am committed to do better
maybe this will help

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

meatless tuesday

sweet surprise...
all day date with baby ava bird...
wow it's a lot more work than i remember...
taking care of a one year old that is...
she had fun "helping" me scold gus who was locked in her huge kennel in the same room with us...
simmer down all you animal lovers...she jumps up on ava and her nails are sharp...
she...ava not gus...would point her chubby little finger at the cage and say "shuuushhu" (hush up doggie)
she is by far about the cutest thing in the whole world!!!!

i don't know why but i went brain deadish the second i got home with her...
i forgot it was monday 1st of all...
i even had...and please don't judge....i'm scared to say...ok here goes...

and when i got home bible study last night...my sweet man had chicken potstikers and brown rice ready
and since i can never say no to potstickers...or a meal that i didn't make...or that sweet man-o-mine

ok thats a lie i can say no..to that sweet man-o-mine...but not the other 2
again don't judge

needless to say meatless monday is really meatless tuesday....today

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

k...so 3 things

this is my youngest child
she's a nut
she graduates this may
i have been collecting things for a memory box
actually reviewing the pile it looks more like voodoo ingredients
anyway she found the hair and whilst i was brushing my teeth...
she showed up w/ this goatee
hard to brush ones teeth with toothpaste and spit coming out ones nostrils

i been painting again
don't ask me "why a chicken" cause i don't know
but here it is

3rd meatless monday under my belt...hahaha
it went well as usual
makes me think i could be a vegetarian
...just as long as i could have sesame chicken once in a while
oh and bacon once a year
oh aaand a big ol juicy hamburger and beef lo mein
...and ribs

never mind

Saturday, March 19, 2011

canned biscuits...canned coffee

i am usually a purest...
you know organic...plastic free...hormone free...and such

for instance my middle daughter (who is away from home for a few months) says to me..."sorry mama but i want/need gift-cards to walmart and mcdonalds...because those are the 2 places we go ALOT...oh and you're gonna hate this too...i eat top ramen almost every day" she is apologizing (which i think is super funny because she's almost 21 and can eat and shop where she likes <3) because i say all the time how the devil lives there (mickyd's and walmart) and allowed so little top ramen to my girls that they think it's like special occasion food....***like ok it's your birthday...we can eat anything/anywhere you want*** and they say TOP RAMEN...or the mcdonalds that's inside the local walmart...

i don't know if i am feeling rebellious or lazy but this is what my brunch consisted of today...

i mean it wasn't even the brand name canned biscuits....
no it was the butter "flavored" store brand...

whenever i send my sweet man to the store for tampons he always buys beer and sugared cereal and canned biscuits...i guess these qualify as "man food" and even things out @ the checkout

so i decided to reeeeally throw caution to the wind and put brown sugar on them...and then slather butter on them when they came outta the oven... @least it is organic butter and pure cane sugar and i did pour the coffee in a pretty glass..

i'm so glad sweetman is on a 3 hour bike ride this morning and can't witness the debauchery...
which means i'll have to eat the whole pan to get rid of the evidence...
gotta go...
lot's a "work" to do

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

meatless monday...pancakes by candlelight and scrabble

so monday i went meatless...
before you get too proud of me...
i need to tell you that i ate 2 meals of nothing but hot corn and cheese dip and fritos....

supper was leftover pancakes and sangria punch by candle light...
we also played scrabble...i used to like that game...
until i got creamed tonight

Monday, March 14, 2011

i'm still here

so if i tell you something promise not to judge??
ok so i had chinese 3 days in a row...4 meals 3 days
it was heavenly but a little weird no?
in my defense....only 2 times was it "new" and 2 times it was left overs
one time my married daughter brought it for a girls night we had
then i ate the left overs the next day....
theeeeen that night my sweet man called and said
"it's thursday...how bout chinese"...
i didn't have the heart to tell him i had eaten it for my last 2 meals...besides that i wanted it again
so he brought some home and then of course i had the leftovers the next day
believe it or not it's been 3 days and i want more
somethings seriously wrong with me

Thursday, January 6, 2011

ok 2 more things...

hey it's a work in progress...
make cloth napkins
clean out/organizer/set up our art room...again

i will be tweeking to this list along the way
so stay tuned

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i'll give it a whirl


drink 80oz of water a day

walk 5 days a week

read a book a month

take guitar lessons

write at least one thank you or note of encouragement each month

write zac 2xs a month

throw out or give away 10 items a month

eat out less than 5 times a month

stay away from white sugar n white flour n white rice

no sodas

make up my bed everyday

memorize 24 scriptures

Sunday, January 2, 2011

hmmm...what will this year bring

i feel like i am standing on a precipice...here's why:

*we are putting our 75 year old house on the market in february because we need more house n less land n we are climbing out of debt

*both our dads have dementia...davids because of alzheimer's n mine because of TIAs...they both have gotten so much worse this year

*our middle daughter will be leaving for the International House Of Prayer (IHOP) in KC in a week for a 3 month internship..i have a feeling this is just the beginning of the end of her living @ home

*our youngest child will graduate from high school in may and is very anxious to use her wings...most likely college bound

*i am the heaviest n most out of shape than i have ever been

*i am feeling the need for reducing all my "stuff"...simplifying

*i am craving a closer relationship w God

*busting w/ creative juices

*changing my decorating taste/style after 20 years...from the 1865s to the 1930-1950s

whew...so whats to come...what grief n joy n loss n gain will 2011 bring my way...what will be poured into my cup...

Lord give me the courage n strength to drink it