Friday, December 7, 2012

i'm back...for reals this time

ok I decided to try and do this blog thing
i really wanna make it time
it's been almost a year since i was on last

so so so much has happened
like a new grand baby
parents who have died
parents that are sick
parents who can't remember who they are
total and i mean total change of decor in m house
...from 1865 to the 1940ish time period

it's too late tonight but if there is anyone out there who still cares what i have to say i am coming back

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wow 3 post in one day...

it's hard to get the camera and the laptop
in the same location for some reason...
so i wanted to post these pics while the postin was good....

 flannel pj's and yes you caught me...
that's Detective Mike Logan ...
when i'm sick i always watch LnO reruns
.....or old movies or BBC classics

 my little forest all ready to be priced and taken to Kindred Spirits

these are for the ooooooother christmas project...
but that's all your gonna see of those til it's all finished.

i will tell you it took me a lot longer than i thought
 to cut the foam board letters out w my exacto knife it better come out awesome

note to self...

...fake snow in anything glass
w/ anything nestled into it
helps to make the season bright

sick bed

so i am sick in bed...sort of
by "sort of" i mean whenever a burst of energy hits i head downstairs....

change over the laundry...unload the dishwasher...clear off the dining room table from where my sweetman has been "helpin" out by unloading decoration boxes and "starting" the tree...rearranging the kitchen and cooking for myself

...that's sorta thing

i also decided to work on a coupla christmas projects that i have been itchin to do...

maybe i'll get some "help"

my view from my bed
...the art room
keeps calling to me
"please come back and finish what you started"

...not today sweet room

the "bursts" don't last long but
i'll keep you posted on the "project"

Monday, December 12, 2011

2 movies....

i love lookin into peoples lives and this doc is a good way to do that

i heard this was really sad
 so i had a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach
....the whole time

turns out (tho is had some sad animal moments) it was not really sad and i thought well done
now i want to read the book

Sunday, December 11, 2011


sick today...since friday morning
did dinner &the havoc hockey game with the girls and david friday night tho...
and i am so glad i did

but really just want to be well....tho the "rest" has been a blessing

found this singer today...tripped over her accidentally it when that happens

Saturday, December 10, 2011

this is gonna be harder than i thought

no facebook...
not just temporarily disconnected but "permanently" deleted
i knew it was gonna be tough but i guess i never considered how weird it was gonna be
i feel so disconnected...
like very important stuff is happening that i know nothing about...
out of the loop as "they" say

i have several friends who have never ever even had a facebook...
they seem to be sailing thru life fine
actually they are the ones who seem to have so much more time and peace
they are the ones that gave me the idea it was "do"able just by the lives they are leading
complete...whole...fulfilling lives...right?
then why do i have the nervous skittish feeling
i mean it's not like i was addicted to crystal meth...right?
so why do i have the shakes and dry mouth

...i may even throw up later