Thursday, January 6, 2011

ok 2 more things...

hey it's a work in progress...
make cloth napkins
clean out/organizer/set up our art room...again

i will be tweeking to this list along the way
so stay tuned

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i'll give it a whirl


drink 80oz of water a day

walk 5 days a week

read a book a month

take guitar lessons

write at least one thank you or note of encouragement each month

write zac 2xs a month

throw out or give away 10 items a month

eat out less than 5 times a month

stay away from white sugar n white flour n white rice

no sodas

make up my bed everyday

memorize 24 scriptures

Sunday, January 2, 2011

hmmm...what will this year bring

i feel like i am standing on a's why:

*we are putting our 75 year old house on the market in february because we need more house n less land n we are climbing out of debt

*both our dads have dementia...davids because of alzheimer's n mine because of TIAs...they both have gotten so much worse this year

*our middle daughter will be leaving for the International House Of Prayer (IHOP) in KC in a week for a 3 month internship..i have a feeling this is just the beginning of the end of her living @ home

*our youngest child will graduate from high school in may and is very anxious to use her wings...most likely college bound

*i am the heaviest n most out of shape than i have ever been

*i am feeling the need for reducing all my "stuff"...simplifying

*i am craving a closer relationship w God

*busting w/ creative juices

*changing my decorating taste/style after 20 years...from the 1865s to the 1930-1950s whats to come...what grief n joy n loss n gain will 2011 bring my way...what will be poured into my cup...

Lord give me the courage n strength to drink it