Friday, February 5, 2010

welcome to the world ava..all in all it's a pretty good place to be

my {late} sisters daughter {my sweet niece} n her husband had a baby 2/2/10!
this little goundhog weighed in @ 9lbs n 22" looong!

introducing ava jordan

ava is african american, native american, spanish, japanese, n german
she's a tiny melting pot

Monday, February 1, 2010

february 1 --- plan of attack

to-do list for the day
*laundry (especially towels)
*collect t-shirts for the haiti project
*update white board calendar
*grind wheat
*make granola
*make bread from my sour dough starter
*go for a walk
*work on weekly menu

this list sadly points out how i have done thus far on my yearly goals n one month has already slipped past me into history...

...take for example laundry...1 load of laundry a day (5 days a week)  was my goal...but upon hearing one daughter suggest to another, who was looking for a towel for her shower to "just dry off w/ a robe"...i realized this goal has not been met, t-shirts....i have yet to "organize-declutter-simplify" one single area of my life IN A WHOLE MONTH, let alone 1 a week..i guess it takes a natural disaster to get me moving....sad

...moving on to the menu...we ate home way less than "@ least 18 meals a week"...mainly because i did not plan well...must make a menu so meals are planned for may have noticed i skipped over a few after all i don't want to drive myself over the edge...just kick my fanny into i go...wish me luck