Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i'll give it a whirl


drink 80oz of water a day

walk 5 days a week

read a book a month

take guitar lessons

write at least one thank you or note of encouragement each month

write zac 2xs a month

throw out or give away 10 items a month

eat out less than 5 times a month

stay away from white sugar n white flour n white rice

no sodas

make up my bed everyday

memorize 24 scriptures


  1. Sounds exciting! I'm working on mine as well. How 'bout adding, "work out on wii fit with my eldest daughter" :)

  2. just read in a simplifying book about not making my bed each day- get great sheets and its an excuse to show off your high end sheets- ok maybe I am not helping you with your to dos but it will simplify your life a bit.

    may your resolve be strong and know your letters will be a blessing as letters handwritten in the mailbox are such a rare treat!

  3. love you, beautiful! ~tami

    p.s. how did you put on song on your blog?