Tuesday, March 22, 2011

k...so 3 things

this is my youngest child
she's a nut
she graduates this may
i have been collecting things for a memory box
actually reviewing the pile it looks more like voodoo ingredients
anyway she found the hair and whilst i was brushing my teeth...
she showed up w/ this goatee
hard to brush ones teeth with toothpaste and spit coming out ones nostrils

i been painting again
don't ask me "why a chicken" cause i don't know
but here it is

3rd meatless monday under my belt...hahaha
it went well as usual
makes me think i could be a vegetarian
...just as long as i could have sesame chicken once in a while
oh and bacon once a year
oh aaand a big ol juicy hamburger and beef lo mein
...and ribs

never mind


  1. You make me laugh!

  2. LOVE! By the way, when did you turn into a freakin' good artist?

    p.s. to anyone else reading this, I can say that because I'm her (other) daughter ;)