Sunday, July 17, 2011

daddy where are you...

well we have finally come to the dreaded "time"...tomorrow will begin the search for a full care facility for daddy...he is so bad most nights that mama has not been able to rest...yesterday morning she called at about 4:30 am...after hours of agitation he left the house and would not come back in...we went right that time he was back in the house but not really "himself"...he finally went to sleep around 7am and mama was resting so we came home...they had a pretty quiet day yesterday...

we went and picked them up for supper and they spent the night @ our house...he did very well all evening w/ no "episodes"...after we got home from dinner we watched one of their Gaither Homecoming dvds... daddy remembers all the words to the old hymns...he would throw his head back and raise his hands and close his eyes and siiiiiiiiing. it was so precious...

we rigged up bells on the outside of the bedroom they were sleeping in and as far as i know he did not get up and slept thru the night...i had made arrangements to meet w/ an in home care service company next week but i think we are beyond that now...last night was good but my mama has felt like he has been a danger to himself (and her tho she is slower to admit this) lately...

such a strange road tp be on...but daddys not daddy anymore....theres a glimps now and then but he's not there really any's scary to leave him in someone elses care...just reating in the fact that he is in the care of my Lord...trying to muster strength...courage...comfort...wisdom.... my mother will be living alone for the first time in over 50 some ways she's lonelier now than she's been...but i dread the rough seas ahead...

that this man...david joseph quinn...whom i have been blessed with as a soul soooooo amazing...he has takin on a "sons" responsibilities w/ my folks...i mean i'm tough to manage by myself...let alone these other people...
gotta put on my mountain climbing boots...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

whatcha reading?

i'm reading...

the rewards of fasting by mike bickle

the keepers of the house by shirley ann grau

made to crave by terkeurst

empty nesting building

tis a wierd thing to have to rebuild a nest after 22 years

a picture is worth a thousand words...

things i adore:
davids hands....*sigh
usa today crossword puzzle
fidos coffee house cafe in nashville
whiling away the morning at a sunny table in said cafe
iced latte

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

who's with me...

i adore the blog beauty that moves
it's good for the soul

last season heather (from btm) offered an online 30 day vegan experience
i missed the sign up deadline
a coupla other loved blogs were doing it and blogging about it
 i was eaten up with jealousy
i wasn't gonna miss a second chance
so...i jumped at the chance to sign u for the summer session
i did it...paid and everything
it would be fun to compare notes
so do it with me

oh and btw i am so sorry i have been MIA
i am committed to do better
maybe this will help