Saturday, December 10, 2011

this is gonna be harder than i thought

no facebook...
not just temporarily disconnected but "permanently" deleted
i knew it was gonna be tough but i guess i never considered how weird it was gonna be
i feel so disconnected...
like very important stuff is happening that i know nothing about...
out of the loop as "they" say

i have several friends who have never ever even had a facebook...
they seem to be sailing thru life fine
actually they are the ones who seem to have so much more time and peace
they are the ones that gave me the idea it was "do"able just by the lives they are leading
complete...whole...fulfilling lives...right?
then why do i have the nervous skittish feeling
i mean it's not like i was addicted to crystal meth...right?
so why do i have the shakes and dry mouth

...i may even throw up later


  1. Oh my gosh, I know what you mean. When I finally took a step back from the net, it was very strange. Then when I stopped shopping on tghe net, I'm pretty sure I experienced palpatations. It's much better now, I only log on to check my e-mail and read google reader. I don't even do that every day anymore. What's so stupid is that I'm hesitant to bale on Facebook although I only log on to respond to a private message or get a hold of someone when I don't have their number. It just doesn't make sense. Kudos to you!!

  2. Hi my friend :) I just finished catching up with you and your new plan to disconnect from FB. No worries girl! It's all good! Replace it with all those things you want to do more of... reading, projects, homemaking... you will soon find that it's okay to be disconnected. You still have the love of everyone that means the most to you. You still have the talents and blessings God gave you. Now just *enjoy* them :)