Sunday, January 2, 2011

hmmm...what will this year bring

i feel like i am standing on a's why:

*we are putting our 75 year old house on the market in february because we need more house n less land n we are climbing out of debt

*both our dads have dementia...davids because of alzheimer's n mine because of TIAs...they both have gotten so much worse this year

*our middle daughter will be leaving for the International House Of Prayer (IHOP) in KC in a week for a 3 month internship..i have a feeling this is just the beginning of the end of her living @ home

*our youngest child will graduate from high school in may and is very anxious to use her wings...most likely college bound

*i am the heaviest n most out of shape than i have ever been

*i am feeling the need for reducing all my "stuff"...simplifying

*i am craving a closer relationship w God

*busting w/ creative juices

*changing my decorating taste/style after 20 years...from the 1865s to the 1930-1950s whats to come...what grief n joy n loss n gain will 2011 bring my way...what will be poured into my cup...

Lord give me the courage n strength to drink it


  1. I can't wait to see where the next chapter in life takes you. One things for sure is there will be plenty of blessings along the way. Love you sweet friend!

  2. You have plenty of things to choose from as you face each day, huh? *they* say everything is perfect just as it is, or it wouldn't be that way. ??? I guess I'm just saying--take it easy on yourself. I like you by what I see here. Keep liking yourself, too. :-)

  3. change can be very good.....I love to see your "new" decorating style, love that era, so happy.

  4. WOW It is hard to think of you as anywhere but there. praying for you as you go through these changes