Thursday, June 24, 2010 here i go...again

ok so as many of my faithful readers know i have been really grappling this year w/ my overweight...overspending...overconsuming.. overover self...toooooo much of almost everything...

i have failed miserably....but alas i am not able to just be fat n poor n wasteful n i go again

i am quite sure that anyone in their right mind has long since stopped reading r following my emabarrasingly sparse ramplings so i am mostly writting this to myself so i can have SOME sort of record in case i actually accomplish this feat...

if you are reading this bless you n please comment n let me know if you'll join me or @ least cheer for me in the stands :)

so starting this coming monday the 28th of june (hey don't judge...i'll conquer procrastination in august...maybe september....november @ the latest) living thru one month ending wednesday july 28  w/out...

*eating out @ ALL (unless someone else is treating *hinthinthint)

*buying anything "new"....garage sales n resale don't count since that's a way of recycling n of course  that doesn't count gifts for others r food r hygiene products of all sorts

*eating white sugar or flour or pork w/ the exception of anything that is served to me from another ie: eating @ someone elses house *hinthinthint

*use disposable water bottles or plastic grocery bags n the like

ok enough w/the don'ts n can'ts n's what i WILL do...

*drink only water n fresh juices

*exercise @ least a 1/2 hour 5-6 days a week

*compost everything i can

*recycle everything i can

*track my progress n such by blogging @ least 2x's a week

 friends have made comments in the past that i wish to save the world...this is not so much about that since i nor anyone else can save the will waste away precisely n not one second sooner r later than The Creator n my Savior has in mind already...He is the only one that can create or save this planet..however i am commanded to be a good steward of my earth n my body n my resources ($) this is not an earth mission but a melinda mission...mission NOTimpossible

ok so here goes...who's w/ me


  1. Mel,

    I applaud your resolve yet find myself weary when I think of that many changes at once. Might I encourage you to baby step this transformation season you are entering. Put a bag full of reusable bags in your car, set aside a few reuseable waterbottles so they are in easy reach and they become default. Master a few then move forward. I am have recently viewed same inspirational media and have slowly integrated some changes, but know that others are yet ahead. Love my new waterbottle and am learning that fruit bought in stores is an inexpensive healthy meal on the go. press on and may grace accompany you on this seasons journey

  2. thanks mary for your well wishs n blessings <3
    yes i am already the queen of the canvas bags n i have finally after may tries found the perfect bpa free plastic bottle n we already...actually i added a couple of things i have already mastered but i hoped it might encourage know maybe spark an "oh i can do that" n it also feels more encouraging to have a few under your belt already...yes baby steps

  3. I definitely want to institute a lot of these types of changes, but will surely have to do the baby step thing. It overwhelms me to think about that many changes with all that we currently have going on. I did decide the other day that making myself some shopping bags would be a great way to use up some of the excess fabric that I have, so I think I'll start there. We are working on eating out MUCH less. We'll see where it takes us. When I am no longer working it will be much easier to institute some changes.

  4. my dear sweet friend.....I too understand your struggles, although possibly different things, I understand the anguish over only thing that I have found in my life, if I try to make toooooo many changes at one time, it is too overwhelming and I get discouraged...don't be so hard on yourself!...just listening to your music as I type this..."it takes some time!" can do this...just do not put so much pressure on yourself and live life my friend each day with an "I can do this approach" foot in front of the other.........blessings~Denise

  5. please read june 25th post before you leave a comment....peace, melinda