Saturday, June 26, 2010

i just got on this morning to listen to my playlist while i worked on some computer housekeeping...but then i remembered that there was a coupla things that i've been thinking about alot i say to myself...oooo remember to blog that....but i know myself i won't....remember that is...

but 1st i have to make a quiche...quiche is one of those things i always forget about how much i like.....but it's so easy to's eggs n cream n cheese n if you're lucky tomatoes n spinach n such....whats not to like....i made one the other night but we didn't get to eat it because the movie was a coupla daughters n myself ate it the next day for breakfast AND lunch...last night the last words from my sweet love  before he drifted off to dreamland were "is there any quiche i am going to make one this morning while he's biking...n the doughnut recipe i want to try this  morning said something about setting a while in the fridge n last night when i told my girls the plan for today they were so excited about the doughnuts...sooooo i must make that happen....when you have a 17 n 20 year old get excited about homemade doughnuts you must let nothing stand in your i'll be right back...just let me get those things underway then there's something i want to tell you

ok sweet man is home n in the shower...there's 14 min left on the quiche n the doughnut dough is "setting" in the fridge for 1 looks too wet?....hmmm we shall see

baking is so good for me...actually cooking in general but there is not much room for the undisciplined in baking...i mean in just general cooking you can...fudge things a little..i don't mean add chocolate to everything stop getting happy :) ....i mean you can do change the order of things a bit...or make things up as you go along (my recipe for the rest of my life in most cases) w/ out quite as much possibility for disaster...but baking???...its a bit more this is GOOD for me...i have a teensy problem following directions n i hate being told what to do...i once told an aunt that "nobody bosses on me but my mama" ...some might say it's trouble w/ authority but that sounds too brash so i refuse to except this definition....aaaaaanyway since i  don't like being bossed it takes everything in me to do things in the proper order of the recipe...i mean does it really matter how long you whip something....n whats w/ this magic little "well" i had to make in the center of the dry ingredients??? but it does matter...which really stinks! but i have made enough "messes" to know this is one area i must submit... a friend once told another friend" don't give that recipe...she has no respect for the natural order of things in the kitchen" this same friend highlights n bolds anything on a recipe card she knows i may skip or get creative w/ letting things set overnight or waiting until the water is in a "rolling" boil??? really?? humph!

 so baking is like exercise for me...i should work out my compliance muscles more often...i want you to know i followed the recipe to the looks to wet...we'll see

the quiche is done n it's beautiful n hot so i'm gonna go eat w/ the ones i love...

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