Saturday, June 5, 2010

7 things

ok so i was talking to a dear sweet friend tonight @ my 1st book swap...more about that later...n she was sorta chastising me for not keepin up my blog post...i told her that sometimes i think my life not interesting enough to read about n she reminded me what another blogger friend said...don't write to be read - write to write n i'm suffering from the unsleepy's...sooooo here goes....7 things that have happened to me in the last coupla days that in my small little world that seemed so interesting enough to me that i told @ least one other person about it...

a coupla days ago my sweet<3 n i were @ our tax lady's office n noticed her "office kitty" she (the cat not the tax lady) jumped up on the counter n was so friendly n my sweet<3 said this cat looks just like one a ours...she said yeah this one is a replacement for our 1st one that died...
S<3 "where did you get her?"
TL "from the 'cat house' (the name of the cat drop off @ the pound here)"
S<3 "the one here in town?"
TL "yes"
S<3"we took a batch over there last summer"
TL "that's when we got her"
S<3 "in julyish"
TL "yep"
well since she's the spitting image of the ones we took n the ones we still have there's little doubt she's one a ours...weeeird...she's a friend from church...she coulda come n picked her up here n skipped the middle man :)

yesterday on the way to run an errand my car ran out of my defense the gas thingy that tells you how much gas you have is not working properly n so it was not telling the truth...anyway i ran out i put on my hazards n pulled off the road as much as possible...there is no shoulder there only private yards so i was trying to be safe AND respectful of the lawn i was driving on...i did the best i could n it was about 85 degrees in the shade so i assure you i was not having fun...aaaanyway sooooo many people got soooo upset???? i could help it or was just trying to ruin their day....a guy in a huge truck FLEW around me honking his horn all the way...he almost ran off the road himself in his sweet older lady in the oncoming traffic lane slowed down enough to give me the stink eye n shook her head @ me...a teenager flipped me off!! can you imagine getting that upset @ something so trivial n minute? i can so after i cried a little n retold my story to my hero (aka my sweet<3) who came lickety split n stood in traffic n braved the angry mob to save me, i decided to ease up on people, cut 'em some slack, save my blood pressure n maybe their feelings, especially other i'm glad it taught me a valuable lesson n reminded me not to trust my gas gauge (there see i do know what it's called...i just couldn't remember what the doohickey's proper name for a moment)

so turns out i have an ear infection ON my ear drum...the outside of it...i have had a "plugged" up ear for over a also has an incessant ringing added to the charm...nothing "popped" it, not blowing my nose or yawning (which is very difficult to do on purpose) or jumping on one foot w/ the plugged ear pointing to the ground or holding my nose n blowing as hard as i could (which i know there is a scientific name for n i'm pretty sure i read it wasn't healthy some time ago but i was desperate n it was suggested by a friend) so i went to the ENT this morning to get it's what i found out...seems some time in the recent past it ruptured n the rupture got infected...i don't remember it rupturing..i have not been sick lately (his idea for how it may have ruptured) other than of course almost constant allergies nor have i been swimming lately (his ideas for how it may have got infected)....but none the less it was n it ear drops for 10 days then a recheck...the reason i'm telling you this story is that it may have been caused or @ the very least aggravated by my zealous use of q-tips...ouch...he sucked out (n i'm sorry in advance to my squeamish readers for the upcoming TMI) a lot of gunk unplugging (thank You Jesus) my ear. BUT the ringing remains..seems trapped in the gunk was several tiny cotton much for "fudging" the truth about my addiction, so i have itchy ears, it's my only recourse.....however i assured him i could quit any which he replied that's what all addicts say...his parting words were...see ya in 2 weeks n lay of the i'm gonna n you should too...lets reapply the wisdom of our kindergarten teachers...don't put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow...which can't been done btw...i've tried

on a sad note my nephew's in jail...this is my late sisters son...he's not yet 20...he drinks...which he never should have done cause my sister God rest her sweet soul was an alcoholic n druggie...she fought a good fight w/ it but lost in the end...i was hoping this would be a lesson to him but as w/ most kids,they gotta find out the hard way...when he drinks he acts stupid n does stupid stuff...he has not had his hearing yet so he's still in county lock up...but he may go to prison....why am i writing this...maybe because it's 3:26am n i'm heart sick over it...i wish there was some way to help him...i want him to pay for his crimes n take the  consequence for his actions but i do not want him to go to prison...he's not a hardened criminal....yet...he's still redeemable n salvageable...Lord you know whats best n You love him far more than even I place him in Your hands...

ok on a lighter note...actually it's a delightful note..i hosted w/ my sweet 1st born a book swap here @ my place...i invited all my girlfriends to bring their gently read books, their own beverage, n $2 to cover some cost...i provided a place to set up sorted (fiction,nonfiction,classics,etc) books, lotsa yummy "girl" food (which i had the pleasure of shoppin for n bakin n cookin all afternoon w/ my sweet daughter) n notepads for wish list's how it soon as you got here you took a tiny notepad (which 1st born had stamped "wish list" @ the top n a # @ the bottom) from the set out your a snack...perused the book tables n made your wish list...after it looked like all the people had come that were going to (15 counting my daughter n i) n every one's wish list's were complete, we started the swappin....i called the 1st # n that lady went n selected one of the books on her list n called out the title so anyone w/ it written down on their list could cross it out saving precious swappin time...the the next # n the next n so was so much fun everyone was gathered around the table helping each other find the book on their list...when several people had reached the end of their wish list we opened it up for leftovers...out of a huge table full there was only 2 small boxes left (which i volunteered to donate to the friends of the library book sale closet) it was looooooads of fun...everyone wants to do it a coupla times a year n some one volunteered to host the next should try it...i promise it's a wonderful way to spend an evening

ok i had 2 more things i wanted to write but i'm finally sleepy n ready to try bed...again

i will say one more thing...i thank God for my precious daughters...they are soooo fun to be around n make every single second of life more enjoyable for me...even the bumpy spots...they are mostly grown...almost 22 n married...20...17...n i'm sorry to see "it" end but i look forward to many wooonderful years of "grown up" daughter girlfriend times...they are my 1 true thing <3


  1. Yay! I'm so proud of you. I LOVED the book swap, and to think I almost didn't come! I'll be praying for your nephew. My best friend's husband is an alcoholic and pornography addict. Rock bottom finally hit and he made the choice to go to Outreach Ministries of Alabama. He's been there a couple of weeks and it's looking good so far. Our Pastor was there 20 years ago and the Lord freed him from drug addiction and called him to preach while he was there. Anyway, I'll pray that God would open a door for him to go somewhere like that and that he would be willing to walk through it.

  2. Now I REALLY want to live closer when you have fun events like book swaps, horribly frustrating things like malfunctioning guages n mean people, and 2 more unknown things waiting to be written about.

  3. Hi,
    I somehow lost track of you for awhile....just misplaced temporarily ;-). I've been so busy at the antique shop where I have a booth. The sampler ( unframed) and the Hiawatha book have sold.....YIPPEE AND THANK YOU!! Where are you selling now.......ebay? Etsy? Lemonpoppyseeds (?). Please let me know. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your nephew......Margie

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