Friday, June 25, 2010

edited blog...because my friends are so sweet

because my sweet friends are worried about the seemingly giant steps i am taking i have decided to do some editing....before i do that tho i realized i should have been clear on a few things...i have already mastered several items on my list but thought by listing them that 
a) it may inspire someone w/ a good idea n cause them to say "hey i could try that one"
b) it does feel good to look @ a list that already has some achievements on it...kinda like how if i think of a "to do" that i forgot to put on my "to do list" n i do it i ALWAYS write it on there n then cross it out...quirky huh :)

so while i am not  deleting anything off my list i have added an * beside things i've already or am on my way to mastering such as shopping bag thing...been doing that for about 3 years n have several in every vehicle that calls our driveway home...n i have not eaten pork (of my own free will) for about 5 years n such....n i have added a ~beside items that i am really striving n in some cases struggling w/ 

also remember that some of these will only be 1 month commitments ie eating out n i have left room for movement w/in these parameters  ie eating out if someone else treats me n such 

so hear goes not new but edited list.... 

~eating out @ ALL (unless someone else is treating *hinthinthint)

~buying anything "new"....garage sales n resale don't count since that's a way of recycling n of course  that doesn't count gifts for others r food r hygiene products of all sorts

*eating white sugar or flour or pork w/ the exception of anything that is served to me from another ie: eating @ someone elses house *hinthinthint (mastered pork n weeeeeeellll on my way to the flour sugar thing)

*use disposable water bottles or plastic grocery bags n the like (mastered this many moons ago--backslide on the plastic water bottle thing from time to time but always downcycle oops i mean recycle them)

ok enough w/the don'ts n can'ts n's what i WILL do...

*drink only water n fresh juices (this one is on again off again...but i'm a much happier n healthier person if i'm really practicing it)

*exercise @ least a 1/2 hour 5-6 days a week (again this one is on/off but same is true here healthier n MUCH happier)

******compost everything i can (to my childrens great disgust) (have even been know to bring other peoples trash (coffee filters/tea bags/banana peels) home w/ me for my compost bin)

******recycle everything i can

~track my progress n such by blogging @ least 2x's a week 


  1. wishing you much success with your do's & don't's a wonderful one and I have every confidence that you will succeed.


  2. sorry if maybe I offended in any way....just trying to encourage.....

  3. denise NO WAY you do not offend me in the were not the only one who pointed out how over whelming my list was or seemed! i know you love me n i felt nothing but support! i just wanted to tweek things so no one got the wrong ides! i agree baby steps one step @ a time is the best way to succeed! lovelovelove

  4. yeah for all the things started and for the progress you have already made towards your goals. Thanks for clarifying - I was concerned thinking of all your pending changes now I am so thrilled for all that you have done and your resolve to improve your life and world. You inspire me... maybe i will work harder on the exercise piece of my life that I so neglect these days.

  5. Oh my goodness, I totally do the same thing with the to-do list....I am realizing I really am becoming my momma