Sunday, September 5, 2010


today is sunday...
in a bit i'll get ready for church
i have that feeling in my chest like i'm getting sick...hopefully the thieves essential oil n hot jasmin green tea'll knock it out...i'll let you know

sometimes...n only sometimes mind you...dirty dishs strike me as pretty

i painted alot this weekend....
hmmmm not sure...
if i like any of it...
we'll see

i have been busy
lately w/ projects
i want to show you

n i found sooooo many
goodies yesterday
@ my friends garage sale

...but alas i have to get the pictures together


  1. Hi Melinda, friend o' mine - I like your updates. I hope you kick the sick feeling, but what do you mean the "thieves"? Is it the 4 Thieves Vinegar? I made that years ago....powerful stuff. If you have the recipe, would you post it? <3

  2. Please feel better soon. I will be watching your blog for the"thieves" business myself.
    So many unanswered questions, dear where are you selling now? Boo hoo.....I want more pictures of what you are making and buying and selling ;-)
    collecteddust.....ebay and etsy too

  3. YIKES.....I just read what I wrote!! I sound like a spoiled brat. SORRY