Sunday, September 19, 2010


i woke w/ a start this morning...don't you hate that...i was forced to take a half a dose of allergy meds before bed last night n still needed a coupla hours to sleep that off...

when i was a kid i was a morning person now i'm more of a mid morning person...but even then i needed a minute to ease into the know to remember who i am, where i am, how old i am n is there anyone depending on me that day to sustain their life

so i got ahead n got did my lover man

since c was spending the night on a girlfriends trampoline n r had to be @ church early for worship practice n l is married n sleeping in her own bed in her own house w/ her own lover man it was just he n i alone in the house this morning

so he mad tea....i made cinnamon toast n we played cribbage on the porch in the cool of the morning...i won

then we separate the recycling...dropped it off on the way n went to church

when we got home i felt like i had been shot w/ a tranquilizer dart...that word is so stats w/ the word tranquil although if you have ever seen an elephant shot w/ one on wild kingdom...they go out n down like a ton of bricks....hardly tranquil

anyway we (my lover man) laid on the couch for an afternoon nap...after a coupla weird "am i asleep or awake" dreams i woke again w/ another start...again drowsy but up

everyone left for youth group...i had a shot of CoooooooOOOooLD sweet tea n opened a new blog i have n]been meaning to check out n its ammmmmmaaaaaaazzzzzzing....i wish i could meet all the ladies who create the blogs i adore...

i want you to check it out...

oh an another i spent...well i'm embarrassed to say so i'll just say i started w/the most recent post n went back to 2008ish....hey
don't judge....

since addicts love company here's the address for that one as well...

i have been busybusybusy painting black n dark stuff all over my house...everyone thinks i hit my i'm just ready to "lighten up"

i am also feverishly working on  my art room...i have so many projects n paintings swirling around in my head n i long for the time i can walk in there n put my hands on all the items i need to get them out of there

tata till next time

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday. I understand about the allergy medication "hangover" I have to take an allergy pill every night. I get up at 4 am and but am not awake until 10:00 then take a 30 minute nap at 11:00. I know about the sleepiness they give you. LOL