Tuesday, January 19, 2010

whats next...

i am going to finish covering some antique books today...they have been sitting in a basket w/ their cloth for about a year...i want to use the basket so alas i must evict it's inhabitants....i also want to make a couple a penny rugs today...i heart wool!! BUT *insert whiney voice, ugly face n flopping around here* i have  a mountain (not washington state size but most definitely alabama size) of clean sheets n quilts to fold before i get @ what i reeeeally want to do so farewell for now....


  1. So darling Melinda, I looked at your Etsy listings today! Here's to much success with your wonderful items (I love the wool pennies, and hope you get to your crafting today - after the dutiful pile of folding, etc). Lovin' your blog and your heart expressions!

  2. you should have called, i love folding sheets more than clothes. we could have made pastries and i could have folded sheets