Friday, January 29, 2010

help friends

i have been so frustrated lately by not bein able to sell my wares very, descriptions, pricing....sometimes it takes longer than the creation itself...if i do sell them, i seldom get what they're's hard to "show" textile art w/out people being able to hold them n feel them...

so maybe a show....they always looks soooooo fun when i see them on other peoples blogs n such...i have always wanted to "do a show"...but i have never been able to find one close enough to drive in a any of my artist friends out there know of any...we live right outside of huntsville alabama...just a thought


  1. Hey,
    Come to Texas! We have Canton ( up near Dallas ) and the the folk art part of Round Top Antiques Show....look it up on the internet. GREAT selling show.
    I sell on ebay also and it has been slower than molasses for me!

  2. Oh.....the Scott show in Atlanta. My daughter loves it!

  3. Hey Melinda,
    Holy Cow, you won't believe this and the prices!

  4. nashville flea market has a wide variety of vendors that have wares for decorating - antiques, reproduced "antiques" and other fun stuff as well as the normal flea market variety of items. Ardmore also has a flea market (dog days) with a wide variety of vendors- no primitive vendors but many antique dealers. three day weekends have flea market on Sat and draw lots of folks.