Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sayin's I Love...

pretty is as pretty does
clear as mud
actions speak louder than words
easy as pie
as a twig is bent - the tree grows
honest as the day is long
as neat as a pen
back in the good ol' days
don't burn your bridges
don't cut what you can untie
a watched pot never boils
a stitch in time saves nine
a labor of love
miles in 6ft of snow-up hill both ways
warm as toast
snug as a bug
sweet as pie


  1. "How come I'm always either cool as a cucumber or hot as a firecracker?!?"

  2. I love old sayings, too. Have a few I use on my kids now and again. Yesterday was an explanation of how one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. My Mom and Mammaw always said "pretty is as pretty does".