Monday, August 30, 2010

hello...remember me

i can not believe i have been gone for so rude

after all it's not unusual to think 1oo times a day
..."oo i want to blog about this" n my camera literally has 100s of photos i have taken for you
....why then do i go so long between post...hmmmm

last week was my 45th birthday so i had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket n paid an obscene amount for a somerset magazine on blogging did just what i hoped inspired me

....maybe part of the "hold back" has been that my laptop has been out of commission for well over 2 months n i am having to borrow my sweeeeeeeet daughters whenever i want to do anything on line.....since i am sorta like a squirrel running from one shiny nut to another...if i don't have my writing "instrument" at my disposal when the urge quickly passes n i see something shiny in another part of "the yard"...then it's hard to make myself do it when i do find the computer in my lap....

but i am inspired n feeling very artsy lately n have soooo much to tell you

....hang on a minute...i'll be right back

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday!! I'm right behind you. Next week is number 45 for me. Where did the time go??